Last Time I Checked

Que sera sera or Che sera sera

Whatever will be, will be.  Words my mother sang to me when I was a little girl.  I forgot that they were from a signature Doris Day song until I came across a story about her son the late Terry Melcher and, as usually happens, one click led to another.  I wonder if my mother realized that Doris Day became a Christian Scientist, the same religious belief of my mother’s parents which ultimately resulted in their deaths because they refused medical treatment.  This left their only child, my grandmother, an orphan at the age of around 15.  I wonder if my mother singing these words to me reinforced her own strength to accept but also work toward improving her current life’s circumstances which, at the time she was singing them, was neither good nor horrible depending on whose circumstances you compared them to.   My mother rarely sang and when she did, it was typical to hear her sing Que sera sera.


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These days, I am mostly happy. Not wildly happy. Happy as in feeling very content with my life. Happy with my darling husband and wonderful family. Happy I have a pooch to keep me company. Happy that I pretty much get to choose and do whatever I want. That kind of happy.







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