Last Time I Checked

Insomniacs could rule the world . . .

or hardly have a noticeable effect.  It’s almost 3 am where I sit, which is in a nice comfy chair in front of my Dell monitor.  (Where I grew up, monitors were these suddenly-appearing stern women who roamed the halls of my high school, ensuring there would be NO NONSENSE!).  One day (rather, one night) I expect I will be cured of my insomnia, but tonight I find there was good reason for me to wake up and get out of bed.  In spite of my thinking I had actually gone downstairs to turn off the gas fireplace – that would have been after my husband woke me from a sound sleep and I stumbled up to bed – I had not.  I think I fell asleep while watching 24.  I know I was having a dream which upon being awakened by my husband, was critical I get back to (ever have dreams like that?).  It was a dream about math, and after my husband woke me up I remember telling him in no uncertain terms why I needed to go back to sleep straight away (to use one of my grandson’s terms) because I was figuring something out.  I actually remember ticking off the equations that the dream was not about – not adding, not subtracting, not dividing, not multiplying (I think I had a problem saying that one – timesing???).  He could have been a bit more thoughtful with my explanations, but instead he lectured me on why I would be unhappy if I did not come upstairs to bed.  By the time I reached my pillow, I forgot about my annoyance with him and fell right back to sleep.  Until now, until whatever dream afterward woke me up to face yet another night of insomnia.  And as I said, there was good reason that I woke up.  I really thought I had already shut off the fireplace, but obviously my mind informed me I had not – it knowing that it’s not a good idea to leave a fireplace unattended.  Oh, now I remember the dream that woke me up.  I am moving into a downtown apartment.  The first floor is my work place, and I am getting everything set up.  It is my old work.  I set up a table for board meetings.  The table is not big enough for all of us, and I know I must add a second one.  I am excited with this new set-up but know my board will want to have the details.  I decide I will describe everything on a webpage and email them to check it out.  I go up to the second floor; it is dark going up.  But I know I will reach a bed to sleep in.  I feel my way around and find a mattress.  It is outside of the second floor but in a screened-in room.  I actually touch the screen and realize how thin and close it is to the outside.  That’s when I begin to wake up.  I have that uncomfortable feeling of waking up that usually accompanies my insomnia, but this time it’s with a headache that I’ve had since starting 5-HTP the day before.  My husband showed me an article about this stuff in Men’s Health, and we agreed it was something for me to try.  I’ll post more about this later.  In the meantime, insomniacs could rule the world if they didn’t want so badly to get back to sleep.


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