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More than a chair

February 18, 2010
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It’s 5 am and I’m just waking up.  This is great, thanks to a double dose of 5-HTP.   Or it could be that I slept like a rock because I spent half the day with Jackson yesterday.  An ongoing dialogue with a four-year-old can wear one out.  More likely it’s because I worked on deconstructing the upholstery of the chair Tracy bought at our congregation’s garage sale.  This chair is special both in its unique shape (it’s half-round) and where it came from.  As I knelt on the floor with my staple remover, I thought about the mother and grandmother of two of our congregants.  She owned the chair and I assume she gave it to her granddaughter because that’s who brought it to the garage sale.  Her daughter and granddaughter are both special people.  Warm, loving, and so enjoyable to be with.  They are both talented as well and participate in our knitting circle.  Their mother and grandmother used to knit in this chair.  As I struggled with the staple remover, images ran through my head not so much of the chair owner sitting in the chair but of all the memories this chair must have evoked in her daughter and granddaughter.  I know in my own family chair-sitting can be an event in itself.  We have swivel chairs and swivel stools in my kitchen.  Jackson’s dad has a big comfy one in his computer room.  These chairs are made for rapidly spinning in circles with a grandson on your lap. 

The little half-round chair that is sitting in my living room swivels too.  Jackson watched TV as I worked in front of him.  I talked to him about what I was doing.  I thought he would be interested in the tool I was using.  Instead he expressed his concern that I was wrecking his mom’s chair.  With a sad tone, he said that he wanted it back at his house because he needed it so he could sleep in it.  He in fact has fallen asleep in this adorable chair as it sat in front of his TV waiting to be brought upstairs to his mom’s knitting room.  Both boys actually were getting used to this chair as their own, and I’m surprised they didn’t argue over it.  At least, they didn’t while I was over.  The chair was delivered to my house at the same time I was working on my other upholstery projects.  I found the fabric at Calico Corners at a great price while I was there looking for fabric for my kitchen chairs.  Tracy loved the sample and when she saw the entire pattern, she  loved it even more.  Hopefully this pattern will work with the curve of the inside back of the chair.  The old fabric was slightly pleated and held in place with buttons, probably so the fabric wouldn’t wrinkle.  But I am hoping that by using just the buttons I can manage to maintain at least one complete view of this lovely design.  I know that I have to keep working on this chair without much of a break.  Tracy has already been motivated to get her knitting room back in order and told me yesterday that if I didn’t finish the chair Jackson’s accusation that I was wrecking his mom’s chair would be correct.


On my to do list . . .

February 9, 2010
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Upholster loveseat with green velvet fabric purchased x or xx years ago.  The cushion is being done at Snip/Tuck, LLC in Brighton, Michigan because I lack the patience and talent required to sew a T-shaped cushion cover, with a zipper and cording (welting) to boot.  The owner showed me photos of her work, including a couch in which she had perfectly matched a very busy and large repeat pattern.  Wow!  And the price she quoted me sounded reasonable, too.  I will upholster the body of the loveseat myself.  Snip/Tuck owner Cheryl Becker will also complete a project I started and never had the desire to finish.  I often like the thought of doing something, like exercising, but find that actually doing it is another thing altogether.  Cheryl will upholster my kitchen chairs, which are super comfortable with a back cushion, arms, and casters and fit well in our kitchen and and look great in our contemporary home.   Both the loveseat and chairs are unique and sturdy enough to make the retro a good investment.

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About knitting . . .

February 7, 2010
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I am in need of a few skeins of yarn so I can finish a blanket for an unknown baby (maybe my doctor’s baby?!).  It is Pronto by Borroco, and the color is yellow #4451, preferably die lot #1904.  No luck on ebay.   My money is good here.

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