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I like the idea | September 6, 2013

of cooking, baking, making things.  Doesn’t mean it happens very often.  I’ve become overly dependent on my DH to feed me, and that means very late dinners.  Lately, I barely finish what’s in front of me because I’ve been snacking and am just not very hungry by the time this good guy finishes grilling.

However, I may be developing a renewed interest in preparing food – at least for the next week or two – because I made something that was SO appreciated by my recent guest and later by her husband that it made me feel like a gourmet cook and super star!

So here I’m sharing a neat recipe for her should she decide she wants to make it in the future.  It’s actually my revised version of a recipe from a gourmet cookbook C 1976.

Basic Bread Stuffing

Huge bowl

Tear 2 loaves of store brand white bread into bite-sized pieces, crusts and all while the 1 C of diced white onions to two 2 Cups of THINLY diced celery are on very low  heat with at least 2 sticks of butter melting over them.

The kitchen starts to smell really good once you start pouring the melted butter with the onions and celery over the large bowl of torn bread . . . especially after you grind the pepper and add the tarragon over the stuffing . . . and sprinkle with regular salt – all to taste.  If you’re lucky to have helpers Thanksgiving morning like I am, you’ll get a lot ooohs and no complaints.

Be prepared to melt more butter as needed.  You don’t want a soggy stuffing, but you don’t want a dry one either.  Use the largest bird you can, and stuff it as full as you can.  Even if it means you’ll have lots of leftover turkey . . . you’ll have very little leftover stuffing.


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