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Oil and water | June 30, 2010

don’t mix.  Does the benefit of deep drilling for oil outweigh the risks?  If you answer yes to that question then you are complicit in causing damange to the environment and therefore just as responsible for paying for the cleanup as BP. 

My brother forwarded me an email that contained a letter to someone who was witnessing (and volunteering in the cleanup) the damage caused to the beaches on a pristine penisula in Florida.  The writer claimed we should stop the blame game and just get on with taking care of the problem.  I wondered if he was referring to the Obama administration or if his comment was simply generic and meant we shouldn’t worry right now about who to blame and focus instead on mitigating the impact of the oil spill.  My brother responded with a comment that we should not blame people who drive cars.  Hmmm . . . really?  Aren’t we users and over-users of non-renewable sources of energy complicit in the destruction this causes to our environment?  I’d say we’re indirectly part of the problem.  We’ve known for years we are on the downward slope of peak oil yet we continue to live our lives as though it’s a plentiful and cheap resource.   

I just heard a newly employed clean-up worker in L.A. in an interview on NPR say he hopes the oil keeps on coming because that means he’ll have a job.  Unbelievable.  I guess that’s looking for the silver lining, deciding to make lemonade from the lemons you’re stuck with, or an example of short-term (and impaired) thinking.  Maybe we should just divert the money they’re spending on all the equipment, research, PR, claims payouts, and other expenses related to the spill into a jobs training program for workers in the gulf.  We could train workers in handling and cleaning wildlife, scooping sand, making and laying booms, oil extractions methods, repairing wetlands, and all the other intricate methods needed to mitigate the impact.  Maybe there could be a think tank of all the creative types – anyone would qualify – to come up with ideas on how to recycle the oil once it’s collected in all the containment methods used.  If the people in the gulf states assert the continued need for off-shore drilling they are complicit too.  They should get off their butts and instead of looking for a check from BP, they should demand new job training in mitigating the impact of the oil spill.  You can’t have it both ways.    

If it hasn’t already, history will show Jimmy Carter as a prophet and maybe if Reagan hadn’t manipulated the political scene to enhance his chances of getting elected Carter would have been able to talk some sense into the American people.  But then again, maybe not.  As long as oil and water don’t mix, we’ll continue to drill in deep waters.


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