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The finish line | June 6, 2010

is just around the corner.  End of drama, stress, and too much work!  The finish line will lead to a fresh beginning, a time for unfettered enthusiasm in what I want to do.  NO is my new mantra when someone asks me to volunteer or suggests I might like to do such and such.  Instead of dealing with organizations I want to look a little closer to home and spend time with my family.  Amazingly, two years of my life have passed helping an organization and I feel like I am recovering from being fired. 

It’s early June and I have gardening to do and grandsons to play with and projects to look forward to.  I am gaining hours and hours of my time back.  I am almost done with the filing at home and that has meant I’ve found my desktop.  Wow!  My office is turning into a room of my own.  I’ve uncovered my own stuff and I cringe at the accumulated things I set aside to volunteer.  I’ll need to spend some time to think about what I really want to focus on.  Once I cross the finish line, there will be time for that.


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These days, I am mostly happy. Not wildly happy. Happy as in feeling very content with my life. Happy with my darling husband and wonderful family. Happy I have a pooch to keep me company. Happy that I pretty much get to choose and do whatever I want. That kind of happy.







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