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The worst thing | May 2, 2010

about not having a good set of eyes at the moment is it makes it difficult to read.  I can manage typing and looking at the computer screen (although that is surely adding to my dry eyes) but with the left eye feeling again as though there’s a small pebble lodged in the upper inside corner, it feels like only my right eye is doing its job.

Notwithstanding my poor vision as I write this, I have an eye – literally – on a print-out of something interesting I found on the Internet last December.  It’s from SOMA, The Society of Mutual Autopsy.  I don’t remember what I was googling when I found their website, but the article is about boredom and its impact on society and individuals both historically and today.  The article, while not in-depth, mentions that some researchers and writers blame boredom on the brain, over-stimulation in modernity, feelings of emptiness and the inevitability of death, or not realizing our need for God, the ultimate source for all meaning.  The Buddhists would say be more mindful to assuage boredom.  

Here’s a link that, if you read it through, will help you figure out a lot of things to do that will prevent you from being bored (like blogging, protesting, conversing, thinking):


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