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Blogs are personal and global | May 2, 2010

Let’s face it damn it, they are.  You vent knowing someone out there is eventually going to read it.  Ok, it could be by accident, serendipity, your lame kid suddenly getting curious about it, or you die and dh finds your blog ten years after and sees you’ve written about what a fucking jerk he can be sometimes.  For example . . .

I am admittedly fortunate to be up here faithfully in my beautiful office each day, but I don’t want my dh poking his head in the door and ruining my day with something negative.  I’d love to spread some magic dust – no – I’d like to wave a magical wand at him to change him before he pokes his head in my doorway.  I’d like to change him from negative, dramatic, and irritating to realizing that minute by minute we are living our lives and it’s not the next hour or the next day or the next weekend or month that matters.

Be with the moment.  Be mindful.  I wrote of the past but longed for just being in the moment with you.  You were not there.


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These days, I am mostly happy. Not wildly happy. Happy as in feeling very content with my life. Happy with my darling husband and wonderful family. Happy I have a pooch to keep me company. Happy that I pretty much get to choose and do whatever I want. That kind of happy.







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