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You really got me

March 3, 2010
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The Kinks were one of the best, as were many musicians from the 60’s.  Motown – all of it.  The Stones, forever.  The Beatles.   The Doors.  Darling husband would want me to mention the Animals and, oh yeah, Elvis (even though he’s not from that decade).  The Yardbirds.  Zombies.  Even the music coming out in the late 50’s, which I listened to before I turned 10 and was listened to by my teenaged aunt, had some great artists.  Can’t think of one?  I thought the Kingsmen were the late 50’s but after a quick google found that their controversial hit Louie Louie is from the 60’s.  Turns out Richard Berry had that hit well before, in 1957.  

As I was trying to calm my urge to jump right into the morning, thinking of too many things at once, the Kinks’ You Really Got Me song popped into my head.   I Utubed it on my tinny speakers and it played while I left my chair to reheat yesterday’s leftover coffee.   It still sounded great despite the medium.  I’m now playing For Your Love and want to know why we don’t have any Kinks in our massive collection.  Darling husband, if/when you read this, please answer this!

Jefferson Airplanes is now a Johhny Depp movie

So the day started in my head as you really got me; I wanted to jump in and get started; I’m not getting any younger- none of you are!  But the day seems stronger, more compelling, more calling, more wanting.  It’s saying let’s live!  (Like we want to die?).  So I said to the day you really got me . . .  going; you got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’; yeah; you really got me now; you got me so I can’t sleep at night (true); yeah, you really got me now . . .

Cream, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Monkeys, The Troggs – With a Girl Like you (that’s me), Wild Thing (that’s me too, and you love me darling husband).  Check out a band I found – Motorhead performing a rendition of Louie Louie and Jumpin Jack Flash.

Gloria and Brown-eyed Girl by Van Morrison were two of the first songs I remember playing on a 45 until the record wore out.  

So much more . . . I want to make special mention of Janis Joplin.  She was way ahead of her time and put her soul in her music.  This clip shows a smiling Tom Jones who can’t take his eyes off her during their performance.

But the following song started many of my days in the late 60’s in a very happy mood.


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